Sun Run makes a come back!

After a one year break the troop’s annual charity fund raiser is making a come back in June.

The Sun Run is an all night hike, racing against the sun. Setting off from Ely on the dot of sun set scouts will run, hike or do whatever it takes to follow the River Cam back to Cambridge. On route they will dodge cows (yes they do sleep standing up!), wake up people on house boats and generally find out what the small hours of the morning look like 🙂

A pause for breath - Sun Run 2012

A pause for breath – Sun Run 2012

Exhausted scouts reach the finish line - Sun Run 2011

Exhausted scouts reach the finish line – Sun Run 2011

It’s not just another hike though, as long as being incredibly long at 18 miles the scouts get sponsored for their efforts and every year raise a huge amount for charity. The scouts chose the charity to support, in previous years it has been East Anglian Children’s Hospice, SOS Children’s Villages and Jimmy’s Night Shelter. This year they have chosen Child’s Play.

Child’s Play work to try and brighten the lives of children and teenagers who find themselves in hospital and even sadly in a hospice by providing toys and computer games to hospitals. In doing so they provide a fun and welcome distraction from what can be a highly distressing experience.It can be anything from toddler’s building blocks to computer game consoles. You can read more about them here.

We hope to have details of how you can sponsor the scouts on this years trek shortly so watch this space!

Burn baby burn!

Another busy term for the scout troop was brought to a conclusion on Thursday night with a fire lighting master class at Milton Country Park. Several weeks of fine dry weather gave ideal conditions for scouts to get up to speed on multiple methods and materials for starting the perfect camp fire.

IMG_0369 IMG_0373


From tumble drier fluff to tissues to cotton wool, scouts discovered the different things they can find around their own homes to take with them to camp to get a fire started. And who knew that the ever popular Pringles (other potato based snacks are available) are not just a good snack but also make excellent tinder?

It brought to an end a busy term which saw every scout select and work on an activity badge of their choice including pioneering, electronics, first aid, chef and model maker developing a range of skills along the way. They also celebrated pancake day and the Chinese New Year with a Chinese Tea Ceremony.

IMG_0288 IMG_0331

We’ve been out and about plenty as well. From winter camp in January to the district incident hike and swimming gala in March.

It doesn’t stop over Easter. We have contingents of scouts heading sailing in Norfolk for a week, living, eating and sleeping on the traditional keel boats that they will be sailing and also to the Hertfordshire Scouts Initial Mountaineering Course in the Scottish Highlands for a week.

We’ll see you all back at scouts on 24 April.