First Scouts signed up for new Troop!

Less than a week ago we announced that a second Scout Troop will launch from Easter next year – and we’ve already got three names on the list!


We don’t expect to continue at quite the same rate (that would put us at over 50 Scouts by the time we started, anyhow!!) but we do expect there to be a lot of interest. ¬†We’ve already contacted those on the current waiting list for Thursdays, and we’ve got spaces reserved for them until the end of December.

Anybody else who’s interested in joining is welcome to get in touch here.

Winter Camp 2014

Mess tentA short camp is no excuse for cutting down on activities, just a reason to cram everything into a shorter time! Nor is winter an excuse to hide away indoors. We succeeded in cramming a large number of outdoor activities into this winter’s camp and absolutely exhausting all the cubs, not to mention the leaders.

We learned about Morse code and semaphore, map reading and compass bearings. We hiked under cover of darkness, including first aid on a broken arm (simulated) and a chance to put newly acquired Morse code skills to use to call for help. We crawled through woods playing wide games in the middle of the night and enjoyed hot chocolate and songs by the campfire, diligently kept burning until the early hours of the morning by Kaa and Kichi (though the cubs went to bed a little earlier).

Washing up

Washing up

Then, in the morning, we practised our compass bearings in order to unlock hidden padlocks. We held a Remembrance Day parade at 11am. And all the while, we consumed large amounts of food. And, of course, there were all the usual camp activities – pitching tents, cooking, washing up, etc.

The cubs, as we usual, were tremendous, good-naturedly mucking in to deal with whatever tasks needed doing throughout the weekend and launching themselves with enthusiasm into all the activities.

See for yourself some of what we got up to (though much of the camp was in darkness, so sadly undocumented):

New Scout Troop to open in April 2015!!

Following years of growing demand and ever lengthening waiting lists we are pleased to announce that from Easter 2015, a second Scout Troop will run at 12th Cambridge!
IMG_0490 DSCF5396
Meeting on Wednesdays (7.45 to 9.15pm), the new Troop will have its own identity but will share most camps and other big events with the Thursday Troop.
We expect there to be quite a lot of interest in the new spaces that will be available on Wednesdays, and priority will go to those already on our waiting list. We’ll contact each of those potential scouts individually.
2013-04-27 01.16.48 IMG_0648
Anyone else interested in joining the Wednesday troop can email here. We’ll acknowledge your message and answer any questions as soon as we can, although we won’t be able to confirm places until mid-February. That’s because we need to see how many of those on the waiting list want to take up a space, and if any existing Thursday scouts want to transfer.
We’re really excited by the launch of a second troop, and we hope that lots of young people who can’t currently join us will get to enjoy scouting from next Easter!
Please do get in touch with any queries.