Help! DIY work weekend 15 & 16 Oct

It’s been a while since we have had one, but it’s time for a parents’ HQ work weekend on 15th & 16th October, so please save the date!

Let us know that you can help by popping an email to, and roll up your sleeves and prepare to have fun!

We have two projects lined up:

  • clearing and making safe the alley behind the HQ building
  • redecorating the meeting room and Brownie room to make them into Activity rooms

Project 1: alley clearance

back-alleyWhat are we aiming for?:
Make the alley behind the hut useful and safe for for storing equipment & accessing the gas bottles.


What will we do?:glass

  • Clear all the weeds and overgrowth
  • Dig out the uneven soil, broken glass and rubbish – enough to fill the skip that we’ll hire!
  • Fix the perimeter fence
  • Lay weed-control fabric and approx 2 tonnes of gravel

What do we need?back-alley-2

  • An army of willing volunteers to dig, shovel and barrow the rubbish out and the gravel in
  • Tools: wheelbarrows, spades, shovels, pruners




Project 2: room improvementsactivity-room

What are we aiming for?

Transforming two rooms from junk stores to Activity rooms for our young people to use during scouting sessions – the large room will become an informal, nice room and the smaller one a meeting room with table and chairs.  With carpet, we hope to make the rooms feel less cold in winter!

What will we do?activity-room-2

  • clear the rooms of all clutter and excess furniture
  • paint the walls
  • fit blinds to the windows and seal draughts
  • fit carpet tiles on the floors


What do we need?

  • volunteers to clear, clean, paint & fit out the rooms
  • Tools: we already have most items already, but a couple of stepladders would be handy.

So, if you are up to challenge, please email the team:, letting us know when you can make it, how many people, offers of useful tools – basically any info that would be helpful.

As is traditional on these occasions, leaders are excluded from parents’ work weekends, and the GSL will supply the tea and biscuits!


Scouts scrub up for Canada fundraiser


Cambridge 12th scouts will be rolling up their sleeves this Saturday to wash as many cars as possible in a drive to raise funds to go to Canada in summer 2017 to meet up and spend time with the 12th Cambridge Canadian Scout troop.

15 scouts will have soapy sponges and chamois leathers at the ready at Chesterton Sports Centre in Cambridge in a bid to raise buckets of cash to help fund their adventure.

For fourteen days days they will all live together under canvas, stay with host families, and take part in a packed programme of activities.

This will be a fantastic experience for all concerned. But before then, all the scouts are really looking forward to seeing as many people as possible with their cars at Chesterton Sports Centre on Saturday.

The Car wash is kick starting their year of fundraising activities, including baking cakes to sell at local events and bag-packing at local stores, with other plans in the pipeline in the coming months.

The car wash will take place between 8.30am and 2.30pm at Chesterton Sports Centre car park on Gilbert Road, Cambridge this Saturday 24th November.

For each car wash, we suggest a minimum donation of £7. More appreciative donations are gladly accepted!