What do Cubs do? Part 1: Pioneering

So what is pioneering? Perhaps it’s best to show some examples. Building rafts out of wooden poles and plastic barrels is pioneering, and requires good knotting skills if you’re not going to sink! The Scouts and Explorers at our recent group camp built these ones (see here), but the Cubs certainly enjoyed having a go on them.



The Cubs themselves built bridges (big sticks, but no knots!)

Cubs cross a "friction bridge"

Cubs cross a “friction bridge”

and then last week started learning how to build with knots (so they can build the rafts next time).


Here’s a nifty washstand and a flag pole (and they’re almost staying up by themselves!)

Cubs Winter Camp ’14

It seems like a very long time ago now, but here are some images from our Winter Camp at Phasels Wood.

We built stuff, climbed stuff, burnt stuff, sang loudly and ate loads of cake. A typical Cub camp then! Congratulations to Oliver, Elo and Izzy on being awarded their Chief Scout’s Silver Award (the highest award in Cub Scouting) for the contribution they’ve made to cubs over the last 2 1/2 years.

Treasurer needed

Fancy looking after the gold? This is an opportunity for someone who’d prefer not to get involved with the weekly meetings to make a real contribution to the running of the group. The systems are all in place, accounts have been filed for the last year and everything is in order, we (ie the kids) just need someone to keep it in order. Basic numeracy and an attention to detail are all that is required. Please let us know if you can help.
I’ve only recently learnt of the history of scouting. Most know the story of Baden-Powell a treasurenational hero after the siege of Mafeking who was persuaded to rewrite his scouting manual for a younger audience. I hadn’t realised what came next. “Scouting for boys” was published in fortnightly instalments, much like a comic, and was enormously successful. Groups of boys organised themselves into troops, and only later started recruiting adults to help them pursue the game of scouting. Baden-Powell hadn’t any intention of founding an organisation, hoping his book would be picked up by existing organisations, but soon realised that the adults being recruited required training. Thus was born the scout association. In 100 years very little has changed, the organisation still exists to support adults to enable young people to pursue the aims of scouting.



Do you spark?

Calling all parents: do you know what the 17th edition is?  If so, we want to hear from you!

The HQ gets pretty chilly in the winter.  Just think of all those poor shivering Beavers.
Now, we have a plan.
We’re going to buy some heaters for the hall….big ones.consort-heatzone
They will need wiring in properly, so we need an electrician and some willing volunteers to mount the heaters, run cables and install according to the regulations.
If you can help, please contact our GSL, Colin

Ha ha Jim m’lad!

Summer 2013 saw the troop attending the pirate themed Kernow Jamboree in Cornwall accompanied by contingents from 14th Cambridge Explorers and 12th Cambridge Scouts, Ontario Canada.

A cracking week and huge thanks to everyone in Cornwall for making it happen!


Remembrance Sunday at Duxford

Cubs were at Duxford for Remembrance Sunday, where they attended a moving and Untitledpowerful memorial service as well as completing their Air Activities badge during their exploration of the museum. Their behaviour during the service was exemplary. Well done Cubs!

New Website

Welcome to our new website. The 12th Cambridge Scout Group is one of the oldest in the county, and celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary in 2011.

We have very active Scout, Cub and Beaver sections, providing scouting to over 70 young people in the West Chesterton area of Cambridge. This is the place to find out about what they’re all doing.

Cubs go Geocaching

The cubs had a great time on what was probably the last sunny Sunday afternoon of the IMG_0818year, geocaching in the hills west of Cambridge. Fantastic views, and a great opportunity for map work!