05/10/2020Welcome Back Zoom MeetingGareth (Phao) and Tim (Ziggy) Zoom link - Meeting ID: 834 9963 7234 Passcode: 441044 Grand Howl Welcome Back - how is everyone? Update on plans – planning the programme Ideas for content for: Fortnightly Zoom - e.g. Pumpkin carving, haloween, cooking, Origami, Cubs sharing updates on badge work, external talks - ideas for guest speakers; Geoguessr, (parent/guardian supervision and risk assessment) Monthly Saturday afternoon - e.g Walk from Grantchester to Newnham - incorporating elements of badges; campfires at hut; litter picking; (note Covid-19 regulations and risk assessments) Badge work - who has done what? (we have records) What would they like to do? What have they done in Lockdown - e.g. DIY, Cycling? Naturalist Badge - focus (Ziggy) Autumn - Hibernation, focus on Hedgehogs Making a Hedgehog shelter (who fancies having a go at this for next time? and for Naturalist badge - Captain's Orders (Game) Next meeting - Magic Show - all to find, practice and perform a magic trick for next time. Check with them that is OK
19/10/2020Zoom Meeting 2 - 19 OctoberGareth (Phao) and Tim (Ziggy) 12th Cambridge is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Cubs Autumn 2 Time: Oct 19, 2020 18:30 London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 830 7589 4527 Passcode: 322920 Grand Howl Welcomes and catch-up Magic Show - all have to found, practiced and performed a magic trick for next time. (Entertainer badge - Game - Lucky Dip - A game of lucky dip, each cub to have bowl with numbers written on paper and folded over. They pick a number and do whatever challenge corresponds with the number they have chosen. Geoguessr
14/11/2020Event Dates TBCFinal details to be confirmed - hike Grantchester meadows