Autumn 2013 Programme

Date Title Details
09/09/2013 Maps and Battleships (Home) Human battleships and map reading games
16/09/2013 Fire Hydrant Orienteering (Away) We’re orienteering for fire hydrants in Cambridge. Meeting at 6.30 outside Great St Mary. Pickup at 8.00 from the same place. We’re on public display, so Cubs should be in smart uniform, with neckers worn outside any coat.
23/09/2013 Preparing for a hike, and planning the year (home) As well as some games, and learning about how to pack (and how not to pack) a rucksack, we’ll be asking them to sit down in their sixes and discuss what they’ve done over the last 6 months or so at cubs, what they’ve liked most, what they’ve liked least, what ideas they might have for things they’d like to do over the next year etc. You might mention this to them in advance.
29/09/2013 Geocaching (away) [Sunday PM] We’re going on a geocaching hike, meeting just outside Orwell (near Wimpole). This will count as a Hikes Away, as well as counting towards the Map Reader or Navigators badge (depending on how many of the other activities Cubs have done over the last two weeks.). Full details under “Events”
07/10/2013 How to stay warm and dry on camp! (home) Please could Cubs bring their sleeping bag and their waterproof coats and trousers.
We will be putting up tents (and packing them away again), unpacking and packing up sleeping bags and getting our waterproofs on – all as quickly as possible, as well as learning about how to stay warm overnight.
This is for all Cubs, not just those going on camp. These are all useful skills for the future.
11/10/2013 Autumn Camp
12/10/2013 Autumn Camp
13/10/2013 Autumn Camp
14/10/2013 No meeting (everyone tired after camp)
21/10/2013 Sixes Coats of Arms (Home) Each Six will be designing, and making, a Coat of Arms to adorn the wall in their corner of the newly redecorated scout hut. This will count towards the Creative Challenge badge and DIY activity badge. We’re also inviting Cubs to bring along an example of a coat of arms, with a local or family connection, or relating to where their family comes from perhaps, and be prepared to tell the pack (in 30secs or so) something about it. This part will count towards the local knowledge badge.
28/10/2013 No meeting (half term)
04/11/2013 Halloween Games, and Fireworks (Home) The Scouts will be our guests for the evening – other than that, it’s what it says on the tin!
10/11/2013 Duxford [Remembrance Sunday] We will be spending the day at Duxford, finding out about the meaning behind Remembrance Sunday as well as looking at aircraft, learning how they fly and how an airfield works.
18/11/2013 Music Night Each Six will be preparing a piece for our Gang Show! Instrumentalists are invited to bring along their instrument, and we will be providing percussion.
25/11/2013 Drama Night Each Six will be preparing a fun skit or two for our Gang Show.
02/12/2013 Gang Show!
09/12/2013 Christmas Crafts
16/12/2013 Christmas Party!