Patrol Leaders Council

As far as is possible scouting should be youth-led and that means the young people having as much input as possible into the programme. In the scout troop this is done via the Patrol Leaders Council.

The Patrol Leaders, and when we have one the Senior Patrol Leader, are the senior members of the troop and as well as being responsible for leading their patrols (a small group of 6 -8 scouts) on a week to week basis they also form the Patrol Leaders Council, which meets once or twice a term.

The PLs Council is there to feed back to the adult leaders how they think activities and camps have gone (whether that is good or bad), draw up the troop code of conduct and decide what the troop should be doing in the future. All decisions are subject to the agreement of the adult leaders! Where PLs are unable to attend, their Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) typically deputises for them.

While younger members of the troop are of course always welcome to feedback to the leaders, their first port of call should be via their PL and PLs should also take the time to speak to their patrols about their ideas.