Do you want to know more about 12th Cambridge? Please make contact with one of the people below. We are always happy to hear from you!


Group Scout Leader
Colin Sills
email Colin
01223 927104
Oversees the running of the Group
anonymous sq 100 Beaver Scout Leader
Sam Wright
email Sam
01223 927108
Do you want to know about the Beavers? Talk to Sam!
Cub Scout Leaders
Gareth, Tim & Maddy
email the Cubs Team
01223 927106
Give the Cub Leaders a shout if you have questions!
Graham Steed sq100 Scout Leader – Raptors
Graham Steed
email Graham
01223 927105
Always happy to talk about scouting, especially the Raptors Troop
Scout Leader – Wildcats
Sabine Buchholz
email the Wildcats leaders
01223 927109
Want to join the Wildcats? Talk to Sabine & the team!

Woodsmoke Explorers

Explorers Leader
Cal Cooke
email Cal & the team
01223 927112
Want to join Explorers? Cal will answer your questions!

Executive Committee

Seb Barker
email Seb
01223 927102
Seb is in overall charge of the Group!
anonymous sq 100 Secretary
Alison Vinnicombe
email Alison
01223 927115
Keeps the committee organised and much more!
anonymous sq 100 Treasurer
John Cornish
email John
01223 927103
Looks after all the finances