What do scouts do?

Scouts are at the age where they can experience the true adventure that scouting has to offer – from arts and crafts in the meeting place to jumping off cliffs, climbing, sailing, hiking, raft building and many more! We aim to give scouts a wide range of experiences so they can learn some new skills by accident along the way.

Scouts use the patrol system where by the troop is divided into patrols.  Raptors have five named Hawks, Owls, Kestrels, Eagles and Kingfishers.  Wildcats have four named Jaguars, Cheetahs, Black Panthers and Pumas.  An older 13 or 14 year old scout, the Patrol Leader, is in charge.  Patrols not only take part in the week to week programme together but are also encouraged to run their own activities and indeed their own camps with Patrol Camps, run entirely by the scouts themselves having become a regular fixture in the spring/summer programme.


Scouts aged 13+ are offered the chance to take part in a week long sailing trip on the Norfolk broads. On this trip they learn to sail traditional keel boats which they will also cook, sleep and live on board for the full week. They are able to continue returning to the sailing each year as they move into Explorers to develop their sailing ability and eventually become a boat skipper.


Older scouts also have the opportunity to go on an initial mountaineering course in Scotland.