New Scout Troop – 1 week to go!

It’s 1 week today til the 12th Cambridge launches its second Scout Troop!

So, our very first meeting kicks off at 7:45pm next Wednesday, at the Scout Hut on Gilbert Road.  The entrance is through a fairly narrow set of gates between the Gurney Way and Courtney Way turns; there’s a full map here (under the “The 12th” tab).  The meeting will run to 9:15pm, and parents are welcome to pop in for a chat at the end (or indeed at the start, but the leaders may be a little busier sorting things out then).

We’ve got a couple of games included in the programme, as well as a general introduction to Scouting, a getting-to-know-you activity, and a session on using pen knives safely.  As with most Scout evenings, no specific kit is needed, other than uniform for those Scouts who are already invested (i.e. those transferring from Thursdays).  It’s a good idea to wear old clothes, just in case we have some messier or outdoor activities, and to bring a coat/waterproof that’s suitable for the weather.  We’ll be doing quite a few things outdoors over the summer term in particular.

photo (2)

For those few people who haven’t returned information forms yet, it would be really handy to have them in advance, but otherwise do please bring them in at the start of the meeting.  As you’ll appreciate, we need contact and basic information before any Scout is left for the meeting.

If there are any queries, please do email, or give Toby a call on 07912 494875.

Events to look forward to…

  • Archery competition camp: Friday 8 to Sunday 10 May
  • Go-karting: Sunday 17 May
  • Sun Run (night hike): Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 June
  • Troop camp: Friday 10 to Sunday 12 July
  • Summer Camp: Tuesday 18 to Monday 24 August