Sir Gawain and the Knights Away: Cubs Spring Camp

It’s been a while since the Cub pack’s Spring Camp in the Peak District: it’s about time I got some photos out to the world! See the bottom of this page for a large number of photos.

IMG_6095The theme of the camp was Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a story with a close connection to where we were camping. Our band of knights encountered many a challenge and accomplished many a feat of derring-do, too many to recount in full, but particular highlights should be recorded.

Perhaps most notable was their descent from a terrifyingly high bridge, lowering themselves through thin air. Then there was the epic journey on foot along the spectacular Roaches ridge in two separate groups, navigating themselves.

IMG_6209Back at camp, our knights were never idle. When they weren’t building our grand fortress gate, they were inventing and building numerous items of camp furniture, making flags and heraldic crests, laying trails of tracking symbols, hunting for treasure, cooking food over a fire and digging around in the undergrowth to discover its hidden inhabitants. And let’s not forget the necessary components of day-to-day life on camp: collecting firewood, helping with cooking, washing up, fetching water, and so on.

The cubs’ enthusiasm, helpfulness and general positive attitude to the activities, as well as the more mundane everyday aspects of camp life, was fantastic and made the camp great fun for all of us! Well done to them all, especially those camping with us for the first time!

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