We are the Wildcats!

In April this year, we launched a second Scout Troop and meeting night.  Up to now, it’s been known – rather boringly! – as the 12th Cambridge (Wednesday) Troop.

Last week, the Scouts at the new Troop got to vote on their choice of name.  The clear winner, seeing off Reptiles, Mountains and even Dinosaurs, was Wildcats.


This led onto decisions about patrol names, and we now have the Black Panthers, Jaguars and Pumas. They’re led by our three new Patrol Leaders, who will be appointing their assistants later in the term.

With fifteen Scouts and now a Troop name, things are settling down at Wildcats.  We’ve got our first camp in July (joint with Raptors, the Thursday evening Troop), and will be launching a patrol points competition over the summer, as well as designing a Troop badge.

If you’ve got any questions, or would like to get involved (either as a Scout or as an adult helper/leader) do email us at newtroop@12thcambridge.org.uk   And yes, we might change that email to wildcats@ soon!