Diary from Down Under

Back in January Raptor troop waved a sad goodbye to Rebecka, one of our scouts who emigrated with her family to New Zealand. Scouting though is international and very much thriving in New Zealand so it wasn’t long before she was signed up with a new troop “down under”. Her mum (former group treasurer!) wrote to us with an update on their adventures……..


Dear all at 12th Cambridge

I just thought I would give you an update on what Rebekah has been doing Scouting wise since arriving in NZ!

Tonight (15 March) she was invested into the Brooklyn 1909 Scout Troup. She was made an Assistant Patrol Leader (for Patrol Four) and given a new scarf (or necker in UK parlance!). The scarf is green with a gold band at the edge.

In addition she was awarded the ‘Bronze Badge’. This was given to her in recognition of all the things that she has done in the UK and since arriving in NZ. All new scouts work thorough the bronze, silver and gold badges.

Also tonight one of the Scouts was awarded his gold badge which is the highest award in Scouts (last year only 6 were awarded in the Wellington district, so this is quite an achievement). Lots of badges were given out and about 6 other scouts were invested.

The Brooklyn troop is one of the oldest in NZ (with Scouting starting in 1908!).

The Brooklyn Troop is very active and is very busy fundraising as this is a Jamboree year for New Zealand. It is being held near Blenheim at the top of the South Island. The aim is to send 24 Scouts and to raise 80% of the cost for each scout. This means that every scout going has to be involved in fundraising. Each scout has to ‘do’ a minimum of 20 hours; the Scout family also has to contribute 20 hours and together work a total of at least 60 hours.

To this end Rebekah and I ‘worked’ at the Edinburgh Tattoo which was held at the WestPac stadium (known as the Cake Tin! on account of its shape). We saw most of the show (which was a bonus). This is only the 6th time the Tattoo has been held outside Scotland. The Brooklyn scouts were involved in running a bar – this means the adults deal with the money and actually serving customers (the scouts pour the drinks and pass them to the till operators).

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Last week she went kayaking on Wellington harbour and this weekend she is on a camp (for about 300 Scouts and Venturers – near Hastings and it is a huge Battle of the Flag). All scouts attending the jamboree have to have 10 nights under canvas – as we know Rebekah has done this already (but it is important that she does this under NZ conditions!).

Please see attached photos.

They are two of the Tattoo (with the Castle built, traditional Maori performers) and two of the investiture.

Regards Catherine, Neil and Rebekah

Fantastic to see her UK necker still in use 🙂