Wildcats Anniversary Night Hike


Last Friday Wildcats Troop celebrated their first anniversary in style with a night hike followed by a sleepover at the hut.

The scouts navigated their way around a 10km route with several challenges along the way. Despite the sub-optimal weather the scouts soldiered on marvelously with nary a grumble or disparaging remark towards the conditions.

Much to the leaders vexation the scouts showed no signs of collapse upon finishing the hike and continued well into the wee hours. Finding entertainment in such varied activies as hair tieing lessons, which Maddie happily volunteered for after some serious cajoling.


To just general manic activity, unfortunately no footage survives of this but here is an artist’s impression of events:


Once all of the groups had returned to the hut it was time to invest our newest member (at the time). Rosie chose to join wildcats on our anniversary and she also had the privilege of blowing out the candle on our anniversary cake. Fortunately this momentous occasion was recorded so that future generations can experience this moment, although the footage is being kept in a locked safe.

Then after a rejuvenating 3-4 hours kip the scouts roused themselves and cooked breakfast on roaring fires, dispensing with both hunger and the chilly morning air splendidly.