Boot Camp!

Earlier this year we waved a sad goodbye to a small army of scouts who headed off to Explorers, in September we gave a warm welcome to their replacements, our new recruits, all 11 of them! With that number of new recruits it was a time to run a camp to learn the ropes, planned as far as possible by the scouts themselves. From the tents used to the patrol menus to the program, the decisions rested with the scouts and so on an autumnal Friday evening 28 scouts arrived at Eaton Vale  with it being their first camp for no less than half of them and indeed the first camp for one our leaders!


The weekend was pretty busy featuring everything from dizzying heights of Jacobs Ladder through to learning how to safely weald axes and basic first aid. Getting soggy in kayaks to cooking everything themselves. Below we’ve got the best of the photos, mostly taken by the prolific Richard and Jess. Enjoy!