New Scout Troop – 5 weeks to go!

It’s 5 weeks today til the 12th Cambridge launches its second Scout Troop!

We said last week that the leaders are beginning to plan out the weekly programmes – but what does a typical Scout meeting look like?  There’s normally a formal start and end to each meeting, when we break or lower the flag.  Each only lasts a couple of minutes, but it’s a chance to present badges, invest new members, and give out notices.  Scouts and leaders will generally be expected to wear uniform – you can find examples of this on the Scout Shops website.

During the middle part of the meeting, there might be a chance to learn new skills – things like first aid, or how to use expedition stoves.  Navigation, pioneering, and the safe use of axes and saws are just some of the others.  As far numbers allow, Scouts will get the chance to try things out in small groups, with leaders supervising.


There are normally also one or two games each evening – cornerball, cat and mouse, and poison ivy are just some of the games that will become familiar to Scouts.  They’re a chance to wear off energy, work together in teams, and just have fun!

It’s not long now til the Scouts joining the new Wednesday Troop will get a chance to experience their first meeting!

Events to look forward to…

  • Archery competition camp: Friday 8 to Sunday 10 May
  • Sun Run (night hike): Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 June
  • Troop camp: Friday 10 to Sunday 12 July
  • Summer Camp: Tuesday 18 to Monday 24 August
  • More to be released in the coming weeks!