(Not) Messing about on the river


Raptors Troop ventured in punts onto the Cam once again.  Graham had ‘had a word’ with the powers-that-be on this occasion, cancelling the side-order of torrential rain and lightning served up previously.

The scene was perfect – warm, calm as a millpond and blue sky.  The ‘mate’s rates’ from Scudamores meant that we had the punts for an hour and a half, more than enough to reach the ‘money-shot’ location near King’s College chapel.



All the scouts got the opportunity to wield poles and, ahem, navigate the mighty river.

On the subject of navigation, one punt (Izzie, you shan’t remain nameless!) received the order to stop and reverse a little.  Apparently, this was to enable the capture of a nearby-located Pokemon Go character.  It’s amazing what you can spot amongst Cambridge’s world-class architecture.

Somwhat disappointingly to the GSL (who had brought a towel and combat-stripped his wallet for the occasion), nobody fell in and waterfights failed to break out.  Parents may have had a different opinion. Maybe next time!