In the hut, nobody can hear you scream…

Well that’s not quite true. However, you might now be able to talk without having to shout!



The weekend of the 8th & 9th February saw some great team-work in the HQ.  Volunteers young and old assembled early in the morning to set up a factory producing sound-absorbing panels.




The team sawed, glued, stapled, drilled and drank tea all day.  The GSL handed out biscuits and tried in vain to remove glue from his hands.



finshed goods


Finally, the Quartermaster had a stock of 40 padded panels ready for mounting.




hope that B-P and HM approve!



Sunday saw deployment of the scaffold tower, drills, screwdrivers and long-forgotten knot-tying skills.  Slowly, the echoeyness diminished until you could actually hear your own blood pumping (according to our Group Secretary).


Thank you to all our volunteers: John, Rob, Michael, Roger, Eliane, Leonie, Mark, Max, Lucas, Neil, Catherine, Rebekah, Sophie, Issy, Valerie, Jamie, Robin, Graeme and Gregor.  [Editor: If I have missed out anyone, please let me know!]

If it’s too quiet now, the Cubs will just have to practice louder Grand Howls!


Report from one of our young helpers (Jamie, Cub aged 8)

Why did we build the panels?: “Because the hall was really echoey and it was giving us headaches!”

What jobs did you do?: “Completing the panels, sticking the blocks of wood on, drilling the brackets, tying the ropes and cleaning up”

What was different when we finished?: “There is hardly any echo at all now!”

What did you enjoy most?: “Learning a new knot! The round turn and 2 half hitches”

Do you think that the hall is better now?: “Yes, a lot better. It’s nothing like it was before.”